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Bambis Trusting Treatment – spread, gag Mc Gill .

Bambis Trusting Treatment (spread, scene, new, gag)
Studio: Jayedwards

Bambi, pensive and submissive, waits as Jay secures her flawless body with metal hose clamps. The buzz of the electric screwdriver fills the room as bands of steel tighten around her limbs and chest. I trust you, she proclaims, submitting to the unforgiving embrace of her metal restraints. Next is a never-before-released scene: Bambi is outside by the pool: naked, single-sleeved, clamped, ballgagged and chained to the fence. Note: there is no sound during this bonus scene (it was a private session between Jay and Bambi that was not meant to be shared). Later, she is tied to the railing of an outdoor balcony in broad daylight — crotch-ropes, ballgagged and elbows together — her struggling, naked body in plain view for all to see (you can see the cars driving by). Incredible! Her torment continues with chain, leather gags and drool, weighted nipple clamps and a hair clip strategically placed between her legs while spread-eagled and helpless. For a final stunner, Bambi is thrown into a swimming pool — completely bound and ballgagged. Bambi obediently endures some of the most unusual and extreme bondages ever. Elenas servitude is made all the more appealing when Jay takes her from a fully-bound standing position to a one-legged strappado and then hangs two padlocks from her nipple clips. Her please for mercy are stifled by the huge red ballgag wedged deep in her mouth. Samantha, as beautiful as ever, suffer through five scenes of inventive restraint. White rope encircles every curve of her shapely body; her tender flesh yielding to the hands of her captor. Nipple clamps, harness gags, ballgags, leather gags, gag drooling and on-screen gagging with tape (and lots of stuffing) add to her distress. Her lessons include kneeling strappado, one-legged stand, hogtie, spread-eagle and a demanding flogging of her ass and feet.

Format: real
Duration: 1:24:47
Video: 320×240, RV40
Audio: 43kbps

Bambis Trusting Treatment (spread, scene, new, clip) Bambis Trusting Treatment
Bambis Trusting Treatment (new, spread, clip)! Bambis Trusting Treatment (scene, new, spread, gag, clip)

Bambis Trusting Treatment - spread, gag, new, clip, scene
File size: 139.6 MB

Bambis Trusting Treatment (spread, scene, gag, new, clip)


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